What´s On ...
the tap monitor?

Week for week we offer various craft beer specials as well as IPA´s and self made "one"timers. Here you can see "what´s on" the tap monitor right now and which sports are shown on TV screen and canvas. As we have four big screens, we can simultaneously show at least two different games / events at the same time .

the TV sports programm?

year 2023

Sports & Specials

  • Football, American Football
    all year
  • Tennis, Golf
    February - November
  • Formula 1, Moto GP
    March - November
  • Skiing, Ski Jumping
    Oktober - March
  • Cycling, Boxing etc
  • 25 years Flann O'Brien
    January 2023
  • Super Bowl LVII
    12-13 February 2023
  • Carnival Tuesday
    21 February 2023
  • St. Patrick's Day
    17 March 2023
  • UEFA Champions League Final
    10 June 2023

    with big open air video wall

  • UEFA European Football Championship
    June - July 2024

    with big open air video wall



Note: By clicking on the logo of each TV provider you can check the daily programm and future streaming of games and sporting events.

we can offer you all division games as well as playoffs and the SUPERBOWL final! Each year, there is a special party event - for more information visit "Events"


Other US-SPORTS, such as NBA or NHL, as well as international RACING is provided via DAZN straight to our TV screens and video wall.

Burgers Steak
Formula 1

What Monte Carlo is for F1 racing, Kitzbühel is for alpine ski racing. As well as summer sports, the austrian national sport No.1 is featured on our tv-programm. Also several other winter sports can be displayed via the local provider.

Similar to the austrian public service broadcast, EUROSPORT offers a variation of winter sports as well as summer sports. Those can be displayed in german and english language.
Skiing Worldcup

The #1 sports international broadcast with a wide range of sports in all languages. They are also bringing TENNIS grand slam tournaments and GOLF majors to our home: Proably the most difficult single sport events to win.
Servus TV

#local and #special just as
FLANN O´BRIEN. Features big events around the world. The UEFA Champion League, Olympic Games or other World Cups: Streaming either on XL open air screen or indoor with special event evenings.
Servus TV Soccer

Dine with us and your friends, or visit us to watch sporting events you like while having a pint ...

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